Monday, February 11, 2013

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner offers cloud guidance

The Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand has released a checklist for businesses and a guidance document [PDF] to about cloud computing. Here is the Commissioner's summary of the two documents: Cloud computing guidelines.

From the Checklist:

  1. Figure out which cloud services will work for you and what your current risk level is
  2. Know what information you'll be sending to the cloud
  3. Recognise that the responsibility is ultimately yours
  4. Security - lock it down
  5. Check out your provider
  6. Know exactly what you're signing up for
  7. Be as up front with your clients as you can
  8. Location - where will the information be?
  9. Use and disclosure - who sees the information and what will it be used for?
  10. Ability to exit, and deleting information