Monday, May 28, 2012

Google Apps receives ISO 27001 certification

Google has just announced, on its official Google Enterprise Blog that Google Apps has just received ISO27001 certification. This is in addition to their SSAE 16/ ISAE 32 audits and FISMA certification for Google Apps for Government. Check it out: Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Apps receives ISO 27001 certification.


  1. There is additional to info security than anti-virus software, firewall technology and therefore the locking-down of laptops or net servers; the approach to info security ought to be strategic still as operational. whereas several suppliers can claim to stick to best practices, solely those seriously committed can posses a politician ISO 27001 certification.
    ISO 27001

  2. I have read this blog from google and as a regular internet user, it is great to hear that google has received its iso 27001 certification. This certification is just intended to bring 100% security under 100% control system.

  3. The information security commitment is heart of the ISO 27001 standard certification. Therefore, to ensure success in the endeavor of developing, implementing and understands information security management system to generate and maintain commitment for this cause.